Founded in 1995 and proudly Canadian, HRS Global Inc. is an importer, manufacturer and commercialized agent of products and accessories in various product lines.

HRS Global provides clients with recognized branded products as well as products sold under private brands in the following categories:

  • Electronics – since 1995;
  • Pet accessories – Animooos Division launched in 2009;
  • Kitchen Accessories, BBQ and cleaning products - Haûzt Basics Division launched in 2011
  • Party Supplies - Impression Party Division launched in 2003;
  • Christmas Accessories - division launched in 2007;

-       The HRS Global headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec and includes a  warehouse of over 75,000 square feet. We are constantly developing new products based on the latest trends where our R&D Team is situated. HRS Global also has the necessary expertise to manage the overseas production with the help of a team of experts and has an office in China which is responsible for supply procurement and quality control support.

-       Our mission has always been to provide our customers with a relevant range of products as well as an impressive mix between the highest possible quality products and the lowest prices possible.

-       With a team of about 30 representatives across Canada and a development team dealing with exceptional products, we are constantly introducing new products to stay on the lookout for the latest trends.

We offer the following products:

-    Electronic - products of video cables, data, audio, electrical products, bulbs, cellular accessories, headphones and various speakers;

-    Pet - Full range of toys and care items for dogs and cats;

-    BBQ, kitchen and cleaning products - a wide range of BBQ accessories, cleaning products and kitchen accessories;

-    Party -  gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, candles and others;

-    Christmas - gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, lights and others;

The vast majority of our products are imported, and we also have various local suppliers.

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